5 Tips To Ensure Miners Stay Safe While On The Job

A happy miner is a productive miner. It’s so important to ensure that our South African mining workforce is well looked after and protected to ensure their safety and in return remain productive and motivated to perform at their best while on the job.


Very often accidents can be avoided by applying a few key principals that compliment the correct mining specific workwear attire. We all know they have one of the toughest jobs to perform so we need to ensure we understand their overarching needs and make their work environment as safe and comfortable as possible, not just through the correct protective workwear.


Here are 5 tips from us at Vulcan Workwear to help ensure their jobs are made easier and that they are kept safer:


Ensure compliance with South African safety and health standards. Make sure you're complying with every standard that applies to your specific operations. Don't forget to take the time to think about your own safety policies as each mining situation is different and presents their own risks.


Keep miners informed about hazards. Identify every hazard in every work area and in every job function, and make sure miners who might be exposed to any hazards know:

- What the hazards are? - How they are dangerous? - How to protect against them? - What to do in the event of exposure to a particular hazard?


Take these appropriate steps to minimise risks:

- Have well-conceived and implemented workplace safety and health programs - Do routine and thorough inspections and safety audits - Ensure effective engineering, administrative, and work practice controls - Ensure appropriate protective workwear to protect from hazards when controls are not enough - Instill routine workplace maintenance


Train miners continuously to ensure safety standards are second nature. Training is one of your most powerful accident-prevention tools. Teach the information, skills, workwear requirements and procedures miners need to know to be safe and healthy. Train frequently to keep them up to date on mining and regulatory changes and to keep them aware, alert, and prepared to work safely


Pay attention to miners’ suggestions and complaints. You may not be able to use all the suggestions or be thrilled about the complaints you receive, but listening to them is important as it empowers the miners and will help to get them on board with your safety and health programs to ensure their safety


At Vulcan Workwear we offer specialist advice on the appropriate protective workwear needed in each unique mining environment, we are always happy to help our clients understand their requirements better.