Designing Workwear For Women is a Real Safety Requirement

As we all have come to know, men and woman differ considerably in body shape and size. Not only do women tend to be smaller, their feet are narrower both in width and at the ankle and their hands are smaller.


Whether it’s on or off duty, women despise ill-fitting clothes, uncomfortable clothes or clothes that make them feel worse for wear.


Not only do workwear suppliers and business owners need to keep this in mind when choosing female workwear solutions, they also need to understand that choosing female workwear that fits well and is fit for purpose is a safety factor and necessary requirement too.


If you can’t move fast enough to get out of the way because your clothes are too tight or too loose, that’s a big safety problem, and one that needs to be addressed urgently.


With the growing number of women in the trades and on construction and mining sites across Southern Africa, business is booming in the female workwear category.


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as respirators, protection harnesses, safety shoes, gloves, overalls, hard hats and safety goggles are designed for men and are often too large for a woman’s smaller frame.


These are issues the sector has begun addressing because it’s a real health hazard when respirators don’t protect adequately against chemicals, and a safety hazard in cases where ill-fitting clothing gets caught in machinery.


What we definitely don’t want happening is women choosing not to wear the safety workwear because they don’t fit properly and as a result put themselves in grave danger on the job.


At Vulcan Workwear we work with our clients to ensure that both woman and men are adequately equipped with the right safety workwear that fits correctly and makes the user feel good not only from a safety perspective but from a look and feel perspective too.